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We Can Market The Property While You Still Live There.

Why choose Luis Velasco and Kinetic Real Estate to do a short sale of my home?

I am proficient with the process, I have completed many short sales for other clients and I would love to help you. Prices have regressed to what they were ten years ago, so don’t be ashamed that you are under water on your home. Let’s be proactive about your situation; let’s find a solution that would offer you the ability to purchase again sooner. Let me help you through the process, I want to exceed your expectations.

How do I even start the process?

You start by signing a listing agreement with Kinetic Real Estate. We list the property and help you through the process making it as simple and timely as possible. If you are looking to avoid foreclosure take advantage of the Federal Government HAFA program to offer owners an option aside from foreclosure.

I heard it’s too complicated to work?

There are an array of lender(s) requests to meet the administrative requirements of a short sale. The key is organization through the process and continued communication for updates and additional requirements. We provide you with the list of documents needed, you turn them over to our agent(s) and we follow up for you.

Can I still sell my property while I live there?

Absolutely, we can market the property while you still live there. You will have to be accommodating to prospective buyers requests to view the property. But, you understand that a short sale is a time sensitive transaction and we must take advantage of all opportunities to sell the property. You are being offered an alternative to foreclosure and if taking advantage of that is important to you than we would like you to benefit from this government created option.

I have received a letters from my lender advising me that I may qualify for cash incentives for short selling my home, are those real?

Yes, some lenders do offer some borrowers incentives such as the possibility of being compensated for successfully short selling their home. I have helped several clients obtain up to $20,000 when we completed their short sale. It is true that not all lenders do and there is nothing that you could do to be offered the incentive but if you have then contact Kinetic Real Estate so that you can secure that incentive.

What if my lender(s) has not sent me an incentive offer?

It is unfortunate that the requirements of receiving those incentives are not shared with the public or the real estate industry. The Federal government does have the HAFA program that does offer some additional homeowners a financial incentive to short sale their home. We can help you complete the HAFA application and manage the process for you.

When is the best time to start the process?

The process of a short sale is long, due to the number of entities that are required to participate in a successful short sale transaction. It is important that if you are behind on your payments than the lender can take action by filing a notice of default and even scheduling a Trust Deed sale. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Act now. Contact Luis Velasco and schedule your appointment today.

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