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Buying A Home

Our agents are savy and well educated
on industry standards.

Find The Perfect Home.

Our agents are savy and well educated on industry standards. The biggest current problem I see with buyers is the misconception that there are a lot of houses on the market in their price range.

If you are one of the Americans that is currently in a position to buy, you are one of the lucky ones and we want you to help capitalize on this ability.

Banks Holding Inventory

Yes, it is true that banks have taken possession of a lot of properties over the past few years. Banks understand that the prices of homes are affected by the relationship between supply and demand. Banks are slowly releasing properties. They try to carefully not over supply the market with homes, therefore, there continues to be a large supply of ghost inventory.

Ghost Inventory

It is defined as properties that are bank owned but are not currently listed for sale. Before submitting an offer we will help you understand the amount of inventory in your price range that will dictate how aggressive we can be with your offer.

Our agents understand that purchasing a home is emotional; we understand that before any potential buyer is willing to put in an offer they vest time, emotion, and energy into seeing themselves in the property. That is why we believe that having the client understand the market and not the perception of the market is important to actually making home ownership a reality.

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