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2013 California Real Estate Market Outlook

Last week I had the privilege in attending the Contra Costa Association of Realtors the “Big Event” held on October 30, 2013 at the Lesher Center in Walnut Creek. There were a lot of very interesting speeches and presentations of new exciting programs that we will soon have access to, to better serve our clients.

Due to the amount of information that was presented the meeting I could not possibly share with all of you all the details in one blog so instead what I am doing is creating several blogs to separate some of the information that was presented and made available to us to be better able to share with you, our clients, our friends, our colleagues, and our community members.

This is our first blog is to introduce the event that I attended and where I will be pulling the information for my next several blogs. Firstly, I must introduce the presenters and their topics. Sara Sutachan who is the C.A.R. Manager of Broker and Real Estate Finance, her presentation was named “2013 California Real Estate Market Outlook” her presentation was very insightful as she touched on an array of topics that included:

• Marco-economic indicators

• Housing & Mortgage Financing

• CA Housing Market

• Regional / Local Markets which included statistics for east bay cities such as Concord, Walnut Creek, Danville, and Richmond

• 2013 Annual Housing Market Survey

• Property Radar stats: Which listed the number of bank owned homes, property that already had an auction date scheduled for the property, and those properties that were in pre-foreclosure.

• 2013 Buyer and Seller Survey

• CA Housing Market Forecast

• Market Opportunities

My next few blogs I will present and discuss the information on the slides. Sometimes having an audience and someone to discuss material with makes it easier to not only understand but remember information. I hope that you find the information useful. The attached report, written by Sara Sutachan entitled “2013 California Real Estate Market Outlook” is the main source I will draw my information from for these blogs. The report has 122 pages so I would caution you that before you print the report.

Additional to Sara’s presentation the Association also had Gov. Hutchinson, who is C.A.R. Assistant General Counsel, whose presentation was entitled “Legal Update” in which he reviewed the changes to Real Estate laws that were happening now. It is important to know of these changes to be able to help keep you, your agents, and your staff in compliance with the Bureaus regulations.

The next blog of this topic set will be released before the end of day tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that you find the information useful.

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