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Every job you have is a stepping stone to your next opportunity

“Every job you have is a stepping stone to your next opportunity.”
-Victoria Hernandez-Hansen (Owner of Lace and Bustle)

As a first generation, Central American and Bay Area native, Victoria was one of the first people I thought of when Kinetic Community Exchange began to develop. On the day of our interview, she greeted me with open arms and an infectious smile. 
“I never was the girl who always dreamed about my wedding or my dress, but I thought that there would be something a bit more in the process to make it more special.”
Victoria transitioned from having a corporate job in retail to opening her very own Bridal boutique in Lafayette, CA. She had the ability to turn her frustrating experience of being treated insensitively from one shop to the next to embracing the opportunity of a niche in the bridal shop industry that she was determined to fill. 
Victoria exemplifies the resiliency, perseverance, and resourcefulness of entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, and I am proud to also call her a friend. 
Please check out the most recent article featuring Lace and Bustle in Lafayette, CA in Flutter Magazine.

Victoria, we honor you and hope that you continue to dream big.