Guidance for The Movement in the Real Estate Market

A topic that often comes up among

A topic that often comes up among our friends and co-workers is how much shopping has changed and how much our beloved bay area continues to transform right before our eyes. With the rise of online marketplace systems such as, the diminishing of “Mom and pop” businesses, combined with increased housing costs and urban development, the reality of gentrification making its way through the Bay Area right to our doorstep in Concord is a fact that seems inevitable.

Understanding the complicated nature of gentrification and how it affects our families on many different levels has been a challenge to comprehend.

What does inspire us are the people we meet every day, doing their absolute best not only to help their own families combat the daily pressures of life, but who give back to a community that they love and passionately want to preserve for generations to come.

The creation of Kinetic Community Exchange is our way as a small business in the Bay Area to learn more about the stories of the people we serve, to celebrate their journey, and generate conversation about how we all can help each other become more culturally and socially aware while addressing the reality of gentrification in our community.

Primarily through social media, we will highlight a variety of culturally diverse individuals, small business owners, and non-profits in the Bay Area who are passionate about their journey and willing to share their ongoing story with others.

It is our hope that we will not only serve as a method of inspiration for others but also a vehicle to help spread positive energy within our community.

We look forward to sharing.

Kinetic Community Exchange Team