Guidance for The Movement in the Real Estate Market

The Kinetic Advantage

Our goal is to find the competitive advantage of your property that will differentiate your property from others in the market.

How does Kinetic Real Estate differentiate themselves from other companies in the market?

Kinetic Real Estate team is proficient in property management and Listing Services giving us an advantage over our competitors. Being accurate with accounting of your property could save you money and add value to your property. We use our expertise to examine your property’s financials to see if cost savings could be achieved.




Our goal is to find the competitive advantage of your property that will differentiate your property from others in the market. This advantage could be an amenity or the location or your building or it could be a created advantage that we set to create such as flexibility with dividing the property, low lease rates, or low pass through expenses.


How will Kinetic Real Estate help me increase my property’s value if I have tenants?

Kinetic Real Estate aims to increase net operating income by maximizing occupancy at the highest rate possible while controlling operating costs.

How will Kinetic Real Estate help me increase my property’s value if my strategy is to sell my property?

By having a detailed marketing plan that is tailored to owner’s objective of selling the property, being understanding of market norms and constraints, and by the expertise of putting a transaction together. There are a lot of moving parts in preparing a unit for a Tenant and using an expert makes the process safer for you.

Can you still help me regardless if I intend to hold the property for a long or short period?

We are conscious that objectives of long term holds are different than those of short term and we will do our best to help you maximize the value of the property. Whichever strategy you have, we will do our best to find practices that best benefit your strategy.

Common Interest Development must still compete with other properties’ in the market?

By nature common interest development are more bureaucratic when compared with a single owner. Common Interest Developments are managed via their contracted property managers and the Association’s Board of Directors. It is important that you have a management company that can remain in compliance with Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development act and still have the knowledge to create the most efficient processes.

Facts and Answers about common interest developments:

An Owners Association is normally set up as a non-profit mutual benefit corporation. It is managed like a corporation and is governed by documents that include:
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By-Laws
  • Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Project Rules and Regulation adopted by the Association
  • What do I own as a member of the Association?

Who is a member of the Association?

To be a member, someone would need to be on title of one of the units in the development.

What does a member own?

Each member owns their condominium air space.

Who owns the Common area?

Each member has an undivided interest in the common area, the ownership percentage is usually expressed in an exhibit to the CC&Rs

How is the Association Financed?

Primarily, income is generated primarily by the collection of assessments (Owners Association Dues). Additional income can be generated by Special Assessments (if Applicable) and interest on investments. A typical investment strategy of the Association is a low risk investment, such as money market accounts.

What are members Assessments (OA Dues) used for?

The collected assessments are used for Operating costs (such as services, utilities, administrative, Etc), Reserves, and Capital Improvements (money set aside for future maintenance needs and capital improvements and repairs).

Are parking spaces assigned to each unit?

Most commercial condominium developments do not have designated spaces but most residential developments do.

What are the ingredients that create a well managed and harmonious Association?

Kinetic Real sees the most important ingredients are Teamwork, cooperation, understanding, volunteerism, involvement, and learning to work within the guidelines that are established for the best interest of the Association as a whole.