Guidance for The Movement in the Real Estate Market


Kinetic Real Estate believes those that
who want to be successful will be.

Providing The Environment For Success

Kinetic Real Estate is looking for agents that are passionate about real estate and have a strong desire to improve their financial stability through their own efforts. Since an agent’s success is ultimately determined by their own motivation, Kinetic Real Estate would like to provide an environment that would allow them the opportunity to succeed. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to work in a fast paced, detail orientated environment, and be the type who thrive on competition against other firms. Candidates must demonstrate strong leadership skills and be self motivated starters who seek new opportunities through education, networking, and training seminars. Candidates must enjoy the company of others and enjoy going above and beyond to exceed client expectations.

Providing The Environment For Success

Kinetic Real Estate believes those that who want to be successful will be. We want to provide those individuals with a platform that will help them become successful quicker. We believe in giving our agents the autonomy of finding new methods to generate business, expanding their knowledge base, and providing support for those moments when it is needed. Our ideal candidate will seek opportunities to learn from others in the office as well as a willingness to teach others from their knowledge and experience.

Mentoring Program

As an associate level agent your primary focus would be assist our senior level agents. We provide a mentor program that is designed to accelerate the learning curve and making our communication with our clients more substantial. By shadowing and assisting senior level agents, you will be able to benefit from seeing the process completed from an agent that is proficient in negotiations, marketing, client communication, and the transaction process. We believe that once an agent is proficient at these elements they are most likely to become confident in the process and can help create better transactions for our clients.

Reducing The Learning Curve

Our senior level agents are rewarded with the training that they provide by increased income due to the additional assistance that their associate level agents will provide. Knowing how important our agents are to our ultimate success we believe this structure assist in minimizing the learning curve for our new agents and assist our senior agents by providing them with the needed support to close all their transaction without short changing our clients on service.

A senior level agent should be closing a minimum of one transaction per month and be able to generate a minimum of two personal leads per month. Our firm and its network should be able to provide additional leads that will be provided to our agents based on product knowledge and client objectives. We provide an array of real estate services and we understand that all real estate is intertwined. By creating a company where all facets of the market participate gives us a competitive advantage for understanding movement of the market quicker